1 Spin and orbital moments on Co bulk system

The self-consistent calculations provide the spin and orbital atomic moments for Co (bulk), which values are: $ \mu_{s}\approx 1.66\mu_{B}$ and $ \mu_{L}\approx 0.078\mu_{B}$, see Tab. 6.2, $ \mu _{B}$ is the Bohr magneton. As we can expect in the case of a d metal the value of the magnetic moment is practically due to the spin, since $ \mu _{L}$ is two orders of magnitude lower than $ \mu _{s}$. The value obtained by us of the spin moment of Co (bulk) coincides with those reported in the literature, which oscillate from $ \mu_{s}=1.64\mu_{B}$ [160] to $ \mu_{s}=1.724\mu_{B}$ [161]. However the orbital one is smaller than the reported value $ \mu_{L}=0.14\mu_{B}$ [160].

Rocio Yanes